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My angle is to cut illegal scams away right in the beginning and to concentrate to research the good home business ideas. Also here the attitude must be: don´t try to invent the wheel again. Somebody already knows the good work from home business ideas.

The task is: wherefrom to find a reliable and professional source of information? For a person who has never had a business and especially internet business, the whole question is challenging.

A good way is to start thinking in this way: who has the motive to find out profitable work from home business ideas? Who makes his living and is dependable on finding out and telling of these things?

The answer is clear: media of course. A starter can contact Better Business Bureau to make a list of appreciated journals and online sites, which has reliable content about this topic.

The question is not about the ideas, the world is full of them, but profitable and longterm work from home business ideas. It is wise to trust on those who are appreciated in the home business industry. It is the best way to avoid scams: overpromises and underdeliveries.

This angle means that a starter must research the list of solid, longterm companies and ask questions directly from present users of these companies. This happens by joining ( for free ) to some programs and going to discussion forums with the list of questions.

A starter can then evaluate the answers: did he get a lot of them, was the forum active, are the answers understandable ( or rocket science ), how soon he got them etc. Also the general feeling on the forum is important.

It is important to have the right attitude towards work from home business ideas and their execution. The question is not participating a Lottery, not about speed race to get huge profit but to establish a longterm home business.

Forget overnight profits and luxury cars, they are signs of scams. Prepare to work regularly and target – oriented during the first months without any profits, just work and small investments.

The first months with work from home business idea is the period of studying and investment, especially into marketing

I underline the nature of the starting process, which is an internet marketing process.
Work from home business ideas must be repeated at least 5 – 7 times to the same target market before the first ones will take some actions, i.e. buy the product offered.

An entrepreneur must teach his target market the benefits of his business and build ” wants” and ” reliability” towards his offers. These are emational issues and will take some time. It is like to get acquinted with a new person.

The basic features of a good work from home business idea are: over five years on the market, understandable copy/business idea, step-by-step training lessons, active discussion forum and email support, which will answer within 24 hrs.

When you have done the homework part of your business properly, it is really awarding to see how the profits will come.

And if you think that this whole process is a learning process, now your learning is on the right trail. You have started in a right way, you understand the successes and failures, which is a healthy starting point for the future.

Juhani Tontti, Work From Home Business Ideas, has a passion to help people to start home business.
Take a look at my site , which gives a living to me and download Dotcomology, a starter´s bible.

Grace Building – James Schouw & Associates_RonSombilonGallery
from home business
James Schouw photoshoot by Ron Sombilon Gallery

Ron Sombilon is proud to photograph Vancouver developer James Schouw.


For more info on James and his current projects, please visit

About James Schouw

Award winning Yaletown developer James Schouw is a designer, green-minded builder, philanthropist, and community visionary. A building by James Schouw looks unlike any other, anywhere else in the world. James is influenced by early Vancouver architecture with neo-classical elements but his designs are truly original and eclectic.

James oversees all aspects of his developments, from conception, to design, to construction. His timeless design with attention to detail and cutting edge construction, has created a devoted following. His buildings are on the ‘must-see’ list of Vancouver architecture and it’s a common site to see people taking pictures of his buildings. The beauty of his buildings have turned them into Habitable Art, art that people live in.

Best known for the dramatic style of his buildings, James is changing the way buildings are built and raising the bar for environmental sensitivity with his innovative designs. His landmark Grace building, at 1280 Richards, is the first high rise in the city to have been conceived with energy efficient geothermal heating, a technology that saves on heating costs, produces minimal greenhouse gases and has set the standard for other high end projects. The carbon emission reduction for Grace is the equivalent of taking 100 cars off the road annually. In addition to the Geothermal heating system, his projects incorporate a rainwater recovery system. He has also installed a fingerprint recognition security system that ensures only inhabitants gain entrance.

Creating buildings with a reduced environmental footprint is a reflection of James’ overall development philosophy. He has sense of responsibility to enhance the community and give back to society. A minimum of 50% of each year’s net corporate and personal income will be donated to humanitarian efforts over a ten-year period. Charity work is ingrained into his company’s values and culture.

Born in Winnipeg and raised in Vancouver, James studied physics at university but became fascinated with construction after spending time helping his architect father at a construction site. A natural entrepreneur he left school to start a successful ice cream distribution business and to pursue his interest in design and construction. His own dissatisfaction with what he saw on the market prompted him to build his first multifamily development, Iliad. James is a long time resident of Yaletown and always resides in the projects he creates so that they have the liveability that he would expect in a home.

James’ Grace building was awarded the 2008 Georgie Award for High Rise of the Year, was a nominee for best multi-family housing for the national SAM awards, and was a finalist for the international SPARK design awards. James is a past winner of Business in Vancouver’s 40 under 40 Award and he has been featured on CBC Television’s “Living Vancouver”, HGTV’s Lofty Ideas, and CKNW’s “Adler Online”. He is an occasional contributor to Business in Vancouver Magazine, writing articles giving his thoughtful perspective on Vancouver’s housing industry.

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