Your Work from Home Business Requires A Positive Attitude


There are many different types of work from home opportunities. Affiliate marketing, online auctions, medical billing and transcribing, plug-in profit sites, multi-level marketing opportunities are all viable options for the home based entrepreneur. A college professor can expect to lose one third of his class by the end of each term. This same principal applies to network business owners in spades. With so many work from home businesses failing, one must stop and ponder what makes the difference in those that succeed.

Attitude is the strongest determinant of your personal and business success. A positive mental attitude is the single most useful tool any business owner can possess. Countless books have been sold and hundreds of motivational speakers have made a comfortable living by touting the importance of a positive mental attitude. Remaining positive through failures and setbacks is also a mark of a great business leader. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a great outlook on life; some of us must learn this skill just as we learn to balance a checkbook or drive a car.

How to Attain a Positive Attitude

Be Coachable
Being flexible and willing to learn from others is necessary to excel in any business. Accepting the fact that even the most experienced business person can learn something new every day will help keep you humble enough to learn from others. Be willing to get advice from others, learn from their mistakes and learn to ask for and accept help when you need it.

Understand Your Goals
Keeping your business goals in sight during your daily activities will help you reach your destination sooner than working without a plan of action. Clearly understanding your purpose also helps you gain insight into the motivation of those you will be working with. If you understand what motivates your customers to buy and your new recruits to promote, you are more likely to connect well with them. Most sales are made based on emotions. Using those emotions to your advantage not only makes you a great salesperson, but it also makes you a great leader. Some new recruits sign up because they see the potential to provide for their families, to create a financially secure future for themselves, or just to finally be debt-free. Finding out what inspired them to invest in a work from home business will help your business and theirs succeed.

Stay Positive
A positive outlook in the face of failures, setbacks and disappointments will not only make your business and personal life easier, it will also help you keep your focus during troubling times. Staying positive will not just make you more successful in the long run; it will make life far more enjoyable during your journey to success. Whenever negativity encroaches on your business’ horizon, replace those negative thoughts and words with positive ones. If you have trouble being positive, find an optimistic friend or colleague who can coach you along the way.

Determining the attitude of your business is completely in your hands. Do not allow negativity into the equation. Remember, when working with your team, optimism is contagious!

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When It Comes to Providing Water It is Something Definitely to Get Steamed Up About!
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Image by antonychammond
Nowadays we take it for granted that when we turn on the tap, out comes quality water.

But how is it moved around? The answer is in pipes, propelled with the help of high pressure pumps.

But in the 1900s much reliance was given to steam power to lift water from deep wells into treatment works. Then the clean water needs to be pumped to local reservoirs built on high-ground for distribution by gravity to homes and businesses.

Giants of Brede

In the 1960s, many of our Victorian and Edwardian engineering masterpieces were demolished, but some survived, such as the Giants of Brede steam pumping engines.

Just six miles from Hastings stands the Brede Waterworks site, where two of its original triple expansion steam engines are housed in Grade II listed buildings.

At Brede you will see several ‘period’ examples of British engineering being renovated to impressive high standards.

First there is a 410hp triple expansion steam pumping engine built by Tangyes of Birmingham in 1904 and restored to original colours for its centenary.

It is housed in the original waterworks building built by the Hastings Corporation Water Department.

Secondly, there is another engine to a more modern design, installed in 1940 despite the start of World War Two.

Numbered 5058, researchers have confirmed it to be the last of its type supplied by Worthington Simpson of Newark and its 420hp is capable of pumping 3.5 million gallons per day against a lift of 515ft into the service reservoirs at Fairlight and Baldslow.

Thirdly, a range of water artefacts from an earlier collection kept by Folkestone and Dover Water Services is displayed in the old boiler house.

A noteworthy exhibit is the first triple expansion horizontal steam pumping engine made by the Simpsons in 1889. All the engines are currently being run by compressed air but will in due course be operated by steam.

In its heyday 33 men were employed at the waterworks. Many lived locally and there is a fascinating social history story still to be researched.

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Work From Home Business Requires Serious Effort


There are various circumstances that cause people to consider starting a work from home business and there are just as many of those businesses available. What you need to ask yourself is whether you want a work from home business or a work at home business. The difference is the type of work you will be doing, but either way it should be something you are good at doing as well as something you enjoy doing.

Typically, most work from home business operations involves service-related jobs such as plumbing, electrical or some other form of home improvement. Consultants often develop a work from home business and this type of work can be done through telecommuting while working for someone else. While salaried work from home positions are few and far between, they are available on a very limited basis.

There are many advantages to a work from home business, beginning with a low overhead and being able to use a portion of your home’s operating expenses as a tax deduction. There are specific rules governing business use of your home so be sure to check with a tax advisor before claiming it on your income taxes. If you end up being ineligible for this deduction it could cost you dearly in the form of penalties and interest.

By working from home you can usually establish your own hours and your own dress code, however a professional appearance will be mandated during the times you meet with customers or prospective clients. You will also have to have the motivation to get up and work from home even on those days you really do not feel like it, just as though you were working for someone else in their office. You have to show up in order to get your work done.

If you are thinking of working from home, and you still have a full-time job, before walking away from it you may want to work from home on a part-time schedule to learn what it is going to take to solicit work and get it done on time once you get the contract. Depending on the type of work you do, if it involves having clients visit your home office, you will also have to consider the cost of liability insurance to protect you in the event of injury on your property.

You will also have to remember that when you work from home you are generally treated as a contract employee and all matters pertaining to taxes will be your responsibility. Money paid to your self will require certain tax forms and your income taxes will have to be paid on a regular basis, just like any other business does for their employees.

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Nevada City
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Image by Tjflex2
Nevada City, settled June 6, 1863, contemporary in settlement with Virginia City,as miners following the Fairweather party settled the length of Alder Gulch, and established homes, and businesses in convenient locations, the length of the gulch was known as 14 mile city. Nevada City was the first to become an incorporated city, on February 9, 1865.

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