Since last October he has excelled as a big data and analytics

The company says that their project was developed to create more understanding of the cannabis plant’s history and evolution, as well as its future. Their documentation may even help with creating more accurate products. “We want to know where they came from, why they’re so different, and what makes each one unique.

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canada goose store Nsikan Essien joined the Rolls Royce graduate scheme in September 2015, shortly after graduating from the University of Cambridge with an aerospace and aerothermal engineering degree. Since last October he has excelled as a big data and analytics developer, in a team which focuses on building on services that harness new technology for the benefit of Rolls Royce and its customers. Nigerian born Nsikan is currently working on a project to enhance the company’s existing dataset by integrating third party data in order to enable colleagues to use it to develop new services for customers.. canada goose store

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