Influence is a two way street

Just a few miles west of the Red Rock resort is Red Rock Canyon, a 13 mile one way drive filled with dozens of u shaped turns and switchbacks. The canyon is a mecca for cyclists and runners looking to get in some road work at altitude. For the adventurous, there are enough hiking trails to keep one busy for a month, not to mention rock climbing opportunities.

Petersen, Thomas C. Pfeifle, Kiley A. Phares, Mark L. Miniature paper figures of Chapecoense soccer players adorn a memorial at the club’s stadium Conda Arena in Chapeco, Brazil, Friday, Dec. 2, 2016. Members of the team and a group of journalists who perished on a flight to Colombia were headed to the Copa Sudamericana finals when the plane ran out of fuel, crashing into the Andes outside Medellin.

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