Easy Advertising Methods for Your Work From Home Business


Starting a home business can be a very exciting time in your life, as your dreams of having no boss or no commuting to work and earning money from home become closer to reality. The freedom it can give you, like getting up when you want, working when it suits you, and having more control over your life are dreams a large number of people would share. Success of a home business, however, often depends on quality advertising and marketing.

How you advertise your business, what it offers to others and how well people know of your business, determines the likelihood they will turn to you to fill their needs as customers.To increase the odds that your business will satisfy them, you must increase your awareness factor. When you are the first option a customer thinks of for their business needs, you are most likely to get their business. The following list of easy advertising ideas can help motivate customers to think of you first.

1. Paid advertising through search engines is a great way to assure that your business ranks fairly high on a results page. You can pay to have your webpage or business domain optimized for certain key words, and then pay to show up higher in the rankings for those keywords with popular search engines. Most search engines provide many tools to help you discern which keywords are most popular and how to go about optimizing your site. Payment for keyword optimizing can be very cheap, and the long term effects on your website ranking is well worth it.

2. Partner with complimentary websites to share your advertising space. Find other sites that serve similar niches to your own, then try to link with them. Linking with businesses or websites that are of high quality and higher ranking than yours can increase your own credibility for free!

3. Consider utilizing a free billboard space that nearly everyone has access to, your cars rear window or bumperbar. Stickers and decals can advertise to drivers behind you what your business is all about.If you are stopped at the lights or parking your car there is always the possibility that you may be approached by somebody asking questions about your business. While drivers cant immediately access your website, they may be able to call you from a mobile phone or may remember to look you up later based on the information they saw on your car.

4. Write articles about topics pertinent to your business and then mention your business in your byline. Quality articles can increase your credibility as a business owner and can better the reputation of your business. On the internet the writing of articles is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business.If the article is picked up by other websites over time the number of copies of the article can explode! It is not unusual for a good article to have hundreds of thousands or even over a million copies at the end of five years.The longer your website and your articles are online the more backlinks you will get and higher rankings on the search engines will result.

5. Always carry business cards with you nomatter where you go. The type of business, website address and email address must be on this card for them to be effective. If you drop in on a business, whether you know them or not,leave a card. Even if you leave a card on the counter and they dont notice ,someone may pick it up and become a future customer.

These tips cost very little money, but can help you reach the maximum target audience for your business. They can also show you that starting an online business should never be a short term venture, but one that is planned at the start to last for years. Good luck in your pursuit of a successful work from home business.

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Arkansas Pioneer Association
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Image by cliff1066™
As early as 1912, exhibits were already being mounted at the Old State House. In its 1912-1913 Yearbook, the Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs reported: "The Museum has been beautifully decorated and furnished and a collection of interesting and historical relics placed, among which are a number of oil portraits of men who helped make our state what it is today."
The "Museum Room" was located in the Riverfront Room, the northernmost space on the first floor’s central corridor. The displays were primarily the responsibility of the Arkansas Pioneer Association. In 1915, however, the room was given to the Medical Department as a chemistry laboratory. When the Pioneers refused to remove their vault, medical students broke into it and dosed the manuscripts with "bookworm poison." Dr. Morgan Smith, the Dean of the Medical Department, compensated the Pioneers for their losses and even signed up as a member.
On July 7, 1919, the Pioneers held a gala on the Old State House grounds to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Arkansas becoming a territory. At that occasion, one of the speakers advocated improving the Old State House grounds so they might serve as a de facto park for downtown Little Rock. The Pioneers took on the project, selling ice cream and soft drinks on the lawn during warm weather to raise funds for the beautification of the grounds.
The following year, the Pioneers held a Fourth of July celebration on the lawn. Throughout the 1920s, they continued to stage events to attract the public to the Old State House. These included fiddlers’ contests, spelling bees, shape-note singing schools, and birthday parties for noted figures in Arkansas history.
Initially, the Arkansas Pioneer Association Room sported a highly eclectic range of objects. Over time, they pared it down to bring it into line with the other Period Rooms. Today, it represents a library in the home of a prosperous family in the 1840s or 1850s. Family members could take care of business at the desk, but they would also gather in more casual groups as well. Reading, sewing, and playing music and games were all favorite pastimes—as the books, sewing table, melodeon, and game table illustrate.

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