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You only need to type this keyword phrase in to Google, yahoo or MSN search engines to find the word (SCAM) being shouted around every forum, blog or web site you come across that deals with this type of content.

To simply call some product or program a scam, just because they could not get it to work for themselves can be misleading. No work from home product or program is inflammable, to simply join and take no action is no grounds for declaring, (Its a scam) Yahoo, MSN and Google have far too much to lose if they allow scammers and swindlers to operate on their pay pre click networks

Different types of legit work at home businesses can be found all over the, the biggest problem people have is knowing what they need to do in order to make the product or program work for them. Most if not all are looking for that magic button, you will only find that in your head not in any e-book or web site.

Once you understand how, doing it means no longer is the grate wall of china standing in your way. You need to condition yourself just like a you would, if you where to enter yourself into a marathon run. Learning is a big part of being successful in everything you do. so conditioning your mind to learn is the key for any product to pay off for you.

All of the legit work from home business products can be found on click-bank, click-bank as over 10,000 products that affiliates promote, Click-bank turns over millions of dollars in revenue a year. They have far too much to lose by allowing the public to be scammed every hour of the day.

if you want to earn money online, then affiliate marketing is the only business that as a good track record. you can learn affiliate marketing and understand how easy it is to earn a living, if you are willing to learn about promoting affiliate product to the general internet populace

Find out what is really involved in promoting products and programs on the web. Read Wealthy Affiliate Info Affiliate Marketing For Beginners and take a crash course on affiliate marketing, this will teach you the finer parts of promoting and affiliate marketing. You can also read Wealthy Affiliate What is Affiliate Marketing and how do you grow it into a successful career.

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PLEASE, no multi invitations or self promotion in your comments, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE for anyone to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks – NONE OF MY PICTURES ARE HDR.

The first house you approach on the quay was one of the most admired in the town. Its owner, a Gascon named Joseph Lartigue (c1683-1743), came to Louisbourg with the first settlers from Placentia, Newfoundland. He had been a fisherman and trader, but here he accepted public office, becoming a member of the Superior Council and serving as town magistrate. Business sense, family alliances and official favour raised him to prominence in the town. Lartigue had the original of this house built here in 1734.

The house, a timberframe structure with rubblestone fill, is soundly built and attractive. The house is not large and part of it was used as a courtroom, yet Lartigue and his wife Jeanne lived here with several servants and many of their twelve children. Lartigue was prosperous when he built this house and thought himself well favoured by it. Acknowledging his satisfaction, we begin to see that ideals of space and privacy change, and that the Lartigues accepted different standards than we might.

Except for four years of exile in France, Mme. Lartigue lived here through the whole existence of French Louisbourg, one of a few colonists to see both its foundation and its fall. Exiled again, she died in 1763.

Today the Lartigue home serves as a boutique, operated by the Fortress Louisbourg Association, offering reproductions of eighteenth products and souvenirs for sale.

Information from the Fortress Louisbourg Association web site: www.fortressoflouisbourg.ca/Overview/mid/10

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Kids Are Going Back To School – Start Your Work From Home Business


Can you believe summer is almost over? Every year it seems to go by faster and faster. Before you know it, it will be time to start packing away all the summer necessities and buying all new back to school gear. Does the thought of this make you panic? Back to school shopping can be a stressful event both for you and your child. With all the items your child actually needs: lunch boxes, back packs, notebooks, pencils and all the things they want: all new clothes and shoes, it can be a hard time of year financially. Your child’s main concern is that it all looks just right. Everything has to be “cool”, the “in” pants, shirts, the right hair cut. Even their notebooks have to be the right brand. And if they’re like most kids, they have no concept of what any of it costs or how hard you worked for the money. And so the battle begins; you fighting to stick to your budget and your child fighting for what they feel they “have to have”. Denying a child causes most parents to panic; will (s)he be forever be scarred if they don’t have the name brand shoes? Will (s)he be bullied if they dress a certain way?

To ease help alleviate some of the strain on their budgets some people consider the option of finding a new way to earn money at home. After browsing the internet, there are quite a few different options to earn money at home depending on how much or how frequently money needs to be earned.

1. Ebay- Ebay is a great way to occasionally earn money at home. You can search all around your house, gather up all the things you don’t want or need anymore and list for purchase on an online auction. If you need a quick stream of short lived cash, this may be a worthwhile option for you.

2. Craigslist- For any item that doesn’t ship easily (car seats, strollers, pack and plays etc) this is a great option for Craigslist. Craigslist is available in most major cities and is usually free. There are a vast amount of categories for everything and the site is very easy to operate. However, like ebay, you will run out of things to sell in your house fairly quickly so this is a nice option for a quick but relatively short amount of cash.

3. Stock Photography- There are several websites you can submit your photographs to (isotck.com, bigstock.com etc). Anytime one of your pictures is downloaded you receive a royalty. This is a viable option if you like taking pictures and aren’t looking for tons of money.

4. Home Business- If you are looking for a more consistent stream of income consider a work from home business. With a home based business you set your schedule and are able to work when it is convenient for you. This is the best option if you are looking for year round income.

If you think starting a work from home business is the right choice for you, there are many reputable companies to choose between so it is worthwhile spend some time selecting the right business you want to partner with; there are many various choices so it is important to make sure you choose a business you can be passionate about and that you know you will enjoy. The choices are range from becoming a make-up Consultant or a jewelry Consultant to something more unique and hands on such as a being a candy wrapper Consultant. Most people know exactly what to expect when they hear both the terms make-up consultant or jewelry Consultant but are more curious about the other options such as candy wrapping. Personalized Candy Bars have been around for years and are now gaining a “must- have” reputation as a wedding or shower favor. They are also one of the most frequently requested types of birth announcements. Personalized Candy Bars are also very popular fundraising products as well. In this business, there are companies available to partner with and become a Consultant for, where you can have the luxury of making the candy bar wrappers right from your own home. If you are looking for a steady stream of reliable income and job that is both unique and fun this may be the right option for you.

School supply season doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances. To help your financial position, look for ways to earn money at home so you will feel a sense of good and accomplishment when you are crossing off all those items and supplies on your child’s school supply list.

Looking to find the best deal on starting your own work from home business, then visit www.occasionography.com to find the best advice on a home based business for you.

living room in owners’ house
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Image by Dana Moos
Rockwood Cottages is a 3.5 acre parcel on Moosehead Lake with a view of Mt.Kineo, offering 8 housekeeping cottages and an owner’s home. A great place to vacation for a short stay or a couple weeks. A BBQ pit, play horseshoes, take a canoe out on the lake, bring your own boat, hike on Kineo, take a moose safari…this is a nature lovers paradise. A wonderful opportunity to own a recreational business.


The top 10 home based business for 2015 are ones I’m very familiar with. I have spent several years working at home exclusively as an online entrepreneur and have had a lot of experience with many businesses (some more successful than others).

If you want to take any of these home business ideas and use them yourself, go for it!

If you don’t like many of the ideas or want to take the most straightforward path check out: http://www.rebeleducation.com/system/?t=top10hbb

But I do recommend taking not of these top 10 home based businesses for 2015, as you will probably want to use a variation of one of them. You could be living in Wenatchee Washington or Miami Florida, it makes absolutely no difference. I live in Ireland! They still work because you are online!

For more traditional offline stuff, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTdXyndVYYs . The stuff on http://www.dormroomcash.com is a little outdated, but the owner has a big heart!

To Your Success,
Work at Home Mom
The Stay at Home Family

Top 10 Home Based Businesses 2015

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Considering A Home Business? – Read These Starting A Work From Home Business Ideas


There are many starting work from home business ideas and as a rule you can divide such ideas into 2 categories. One is working for someone in the form of telecommuting. The other is working for yourself starting a home business in order to market your own product or selling products of others.

1. Actually there are many examples of people who do telecommuting that are really working for themselves. A good example of this would be a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant you stay at home and do things for a business as opposed to going into an office and working for them. Depending on your time demand you might be able to work for more than one company doing this.

This type of work involves handling things for a business such as email, answering the telephone, typing, and may even include some internet marketing. If you have computer skills and access to the Internet you can start your own home business as a virtual assistant.

2. Another example of something you can do that is more work oriented is taking paid surveys. Companies will pay you for your opinion and you can make money doing this around your own schedule.

Some people really turn this into a home business and do it full time. Generally you will need to take surveys and occasionally sample products. To earn more money you can refer new members to various survey programs and increase your income into the full-time range.

3. Some companies will pay you to enter data for them. Data entry jobs are available in various forms. If you like to type you can make money filling out forms, posting in discussion forums, posting blog comments, and so on.

4. EBay. More millionaires have been created buying and selling products on EBay than any other way on the Internet. Today the majority of your work can be done from home and you can turn this into a full-time business participating in various auctions.

5. Affiliate marketing business. Affiliate programs are generally free to join and you can make money in various ways. You can sell products in both physical and digital information format.

You can also get paid to get leads for businesses. Google will even pay you to post ads from the Google Adsense program. All this can be done from home and this can be part of your home business.

You can also Google search the keyword phrase “starting work from home business ideas” and visit some of the websites that come up. You will be amazed at the many different ways that people are making money working from home today. Finding one that appeals to you is not hard to do and getting started is generally easy as well.

Walt Gemmell is the owner of earn at home a website where you can get your own income generating website ready to take orders. Also visit free traffic to discover 25 ways to get free traffic for your website.

Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
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Image by Jasperdo
Frederick Roeder House and Business Exhibit

The United States Government placed a Federal Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (today’s West Virginia) in 1799. In October of 1859, abolitionist John Brown and a group of followers raided the arsenal. They had hoped to use the weapons to arm southern slaves and lead to a widespread slave revolt. His plan failed and John Brown was tried and hung. Today, most of the town is administered by the National Park Service.

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A Mother’s Dilemma: Should I Start A Work From Home Business?


Many women struggle with the question: should I go back to work after having the baby, or should I stay home with my baby? There are pluses and minuses to this argument but for most households it comes down to money. Do we need the income by working outside of the home or will we be able to afford me staying home?

This is a very tough decision and one that has a interesting answer; you most likely don’t make as much money if you go back to work. If you factor in daycare, baby necessity budget, commuting cost, fast food budget and the potential of being in a higher tax bracket, most people may not even be bringing home 25% of their gross income. Using the second income calculator on MSN.com you can punch in your wage and see what your actual take home pay actually is. In addition, in a household where both spouses work one earns $ 40,000 and the other earns $ 35,000 figuring out all the additional expenses the person earning $ 35,000 is really only bringing home $ 4,950. This works out to be $ 2.48 per hour or $ 412.50 per month. Would you agree that isn’t very much money?

A better choice for families is for one spouse to stay home with the children while trying to help out with the family’s finances by starting a work from home business. Staring a work from home business is an great way to earn money at home. There are many choices to pick from so make sure to take your time and pick the best one for yourself. Some other important things to think about are:

* Initial Cost: What is the initial cost to get started with the company? Although you should NEVER pay to work from home (those are ALL scams) this is a different situation. You are starting a work from home business and it is necessary to pay for initial inventory and to sign a license agreement to be able to use their registered and trademarked name. So you need to compare initial costs and what you get with each type of package.

* Regular Monthly Prices: Some companies charge a small portion for start up cost but then a monthly fee, while other businesses require to have a minimum monthly purchases to have a “active” account. However, there are some businesses that may not require either a minimum or a monthly charge. Its important to consider the monthly ongoing fees if you plan on starting and then stopping your business for periods of time.

* Inventory: Make sure to consider how much room is in your house for your new business. Is your office going be enough or are you going to need more space for inventory? For some people starting a business this may be a real problem. Try to figure out how often the company ships inventory or orders?

Every household’s situation is different so take your time to figure out your true take home pay and whether or not you can afford to work from home. You may be shocked by the answer!

Learn more about starting your work from home business. Stop by www.occasionography.com where you can find out all about how to earn money from home .

Downstairs Exhibits at the William Johnson House
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Image by J. Stephen Conn
William Johnson, a free black man, owned a chain of several barber shops and was known as the "Barber of Natchez" in the mid-1800s. Like many free blacks, Johnson owned several African slaves who worked in his business and his home. His home has been restored and is preserved as a part of the Natchez National Historical Park.

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Establishing an Internet Work from Home Business


Establishing an Internet Work from Home Business: Have you considered starting a business based on the Web, but just do not know if it’s for you. Start a Web business is actually quite easy. The first step in starting and operating a web-work from home business is to put the time you will need. The last factor that you need to do is to sink into your snooze time working on your company web. Then again, exactly where you are likely to get time to spend building your internet business. There are many business opportunities that exploit the new Web of the Internet as a decoy. If you believe Web Business is the set of information products on marketing to reconsider the idea. If you are looking for a business opportunity web, it will not take much time to get too bogged down considering options.

When searching for an internet business please is careful, just because many of the incidents were standing. This does not prevent you from making a home based business on the Web, but just to give you a heads-up is too good job-to-be-true scams from home business opportunities. But the best way to avoid a business opportunity websites, and other home-based business ripoffs, is to discover you. One of the most important factors for good results in an Internet company should do at a personal level. Get a profitable Internet company would take seriously. As the Internet business entrepreneur you are usually hard to get visitors to the site to sell products. Most of the company’s Web entrepreneurs are investing most of their time at the computer.

Once you see good results on a small scale, you can begin to shed some of their income on their business over the Internet and things happened up. You can keep your day job until finally your business generates money that you want web. What you must understand about how to start your own business on the Web is to shine, discover everything you can about the various topics on Internet advertising. Web advertising is essential to the success of your business website. No one size fits all, because each Internet business has different needs and objectives. Establish web links for your business is a crucial aspect of the advertising campaign of a person. Social bookmarking is really a very powerful technique that can help produce 100% free for visitors to your site, especially when your Internet business is brand new and was silent for a while.

Work From Home Opportunities visit:Establishing an Internet Work from Home Business

living room in house
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Image by Dana Moos
Rockwood Cottages is a 3.5 acre parcel on Moosehead Lake with a view of Mt.Kineo, offering 8 housekeeping cottages and an owner’s home. A great place to vacation for a short stay or a couple weeks. A BBQ pit, play horseshoes, take a canoe out on the lake, bring your own boat, hike on Kineo, take a moose safari…this is a nature lovers paradise. A wonderful opportunity to own a recreational business.

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Easy Advertising Methods for Your Work From Home Business


Starting a home business can be a very exciting time in your life, as your dreams of having no boss or no commuting to work and earning money from home become closer to reality. The freedom it can give you, like getting up when you want, working when it suits you, and having more control over your life are dreams a large number of people would share. Success of a home business, however, often depends on quality advertising and marketing.

How you advertise your business, what it offers to others and how well people know of your business, determines the likelihood they will turn to you to fill their needs as customers.To increase the odds that your business will satisfy them, you must increase your awareness factor. When you are the first option a customer thinks of for their business needs, you are most likely to get their business. The following list of easy advertising ideas can help motivate customers to think of you first.

1. Paid advertising through search engines is a great way to assure that your business ranks fairly high on a results page. You can pay to have your webpage or business domain optimized for certain key words, and then pay to show up higher in the rankings for those keywords with popular search engines. Most search engines provide many tools to help you discern which keywords are most popular and how to go about optimizing your site. Payment for keyword optimizing can be very cheap, and the long term effects on your website ranking is well worth it.

2. Partner with complimentary websites to share your advertising space. Find other sites that serve similar niches to your own, then try to link with them. Linking with businesses or websites that are of high quality and higher ranking than yours can increase your own credibility for free!

3. Consider utilizing a free billboard space that nearly everyone has access to, your cars rear window or bumperbar. Stickers and decals can advertise to drivers behind you what your business is all about.If you are stopped at the lights or parking your car there is always the possibility that you may be approached by somebody asking questions about your business. While drivers cant immediately access your website, they may be able to call you from a mobile phone or may remember to look you up later based on the information they saw on your car.

4. Write articles about topics pertinent to your business and then mention your business in your byline. Quality articles can increase your credibility as a business owner and can better the reputation of your business. On the internet the writing of articles is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business.If the article is picked up by other websites over time the number of copies of the article can explode! It is not unusual for a good article to have hundreds of thousands or even over a million copies at the end of five years.The longer your website and your articles are online the more backlinks you will get and higher rankings on the search engines will result.

5. Always carry business cards with you nomatter where you go. The type of business, website address and email address must be on this card for them to be effective. If you drop in on a business, whether you know them or not,leave a card. Even if you leave a card on the counter and they dont notice ,someone may pick it up and become a future customer.

These tips cost very little money, but can help you reach the maximum target audience for your business. They can also show you that starting an online business should never be a short term venture, but one that is planned at the start to last for years. Good luck in your pursuit of a successful work from home business.

Gregory Smyth is an Internet and Affiliate Marketer who reviews popular and proven Work From Home Ideas.His most popular home business recommendation is the Plug In Profit Site here .FREE ebooks,newsletter and other resources for your Work From Home Ideas here

Arkansas Pioneer Association
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Image by cliff1066™
As early as 1912, exhibits were already being mounted at the Old State House. In its 1912-1913 Yearbook, the Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs reported: "The Museum has been beautifully decorated and furnished and a collection of interesting and historical relics placed, among which are a number of oil portraits of men who helped make our state what it is today."
The "Museum Room" was located in the Riverfront Room, the northernmost space on the first floor’s central corridor. The displays were primarily the responsibility of the Arkansas Pioneer Association. In 1915, however, the room was given to the Medical Department as a chemistry laboratory. When the Pioneers refused to remove their vault, medical students broke into it and dosed the manuscripts with "bookworm poison." Dr. Morgan Smith, the Dean of the Medical Department, compensated the Pioneers for their losses and even signed up as a member.
On July 7, 1919, the Pioneers held a gala on the Old State House grounds to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Arkansas becoming a territory. At that occasion, one of the speakers advocated improving the Old State House grounds so they might serve as a de facto park for downtown Little Rock. The Pioneers took on the project, selling ice cream and soft drinks on the lawn during warm weather to raise funds for the beautification of the grounds.
The following year, the Pioneers held a Fourth of July celebration on the lawn. Throughout the 1920s, they continued to stage events to attract the public to the Old State House. These included fiddlers’ contests, spelling bees, shape-note singing schools, and birthday parties for noted figures in Arkansas history.
Initially, the Arkansas Pioneer Association Room sported a highly eclectic range of objects. Over time, they pared it down to bring it into line with the other Period Rooms. Today, it represents a library in the home of a prosperous family in the 1840s or 1850s. Family members could take care of business at the desk, but they would also gather in more casual groups as well. Reading, sewing, and playing music and games were all favorite pastimes—as the books, sewing table, melodeon, and game table illustrate.

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Legitimate Work From Home Business Opportunity


With all the competition in the work from home and home based business industry it’s become difficult trying to find a business opportunity that actually works. Millions of people everyday are searching on the Internet for a simple work from home business opportunity.

People are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s being sent to them everyday. The good news is that there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to be able to capitalize on all of this excitement in the internet marketing industry.

There are thousands of companies popping up everyday promoting the latest get rich quick opportunities.

The hurtful thing is that network marketers fall for these schemes and are left feeling hurt and disappointed when they don’t work out.

There are some great home based business companies in the industry. People just need to know what to look for before joining any work from home business opportunity.

Let’s highlight some of the issues people have when trying to find a home based business opportunity.

* People don’t want to bother their friends and family * High monthly auto-ship commitments that people can’t afford * Spending multiple nights a week away from family while out “Showing the Plan” * Spending money on products and business tools they don’t need * Cold calling, and contacting people in malls and gas stations * Attending weekly and monthly meetings and seminars

An issue that a lot of network marketers face is that they join companies that don’t give them the tools needed to achieve success.

They aren’t being taught how to build a business the right way. What they really need is a business that will train them how to succeed from the very start.

Here’s the great part. There’s a proven home based business currently in place that will take away all the pain points of running a traditional network marketing business.

Some of their benefits are listed below.

*Get paid to shop and save money on everything that you purchase everyday already *No auto ship commitments *No cold contacting and bothering friends and family. *Under $ 20 a month *Zero meetings to attend

This work from home business opportunity is creating a lot of excitement in the industry because of all its tremendous benefits. Here’s the great part. There’s a training system that will teach you every step along the way on how to have success. If you’re looking for the right home based business then you can’t go wrong with this company.

Lucien Bechard is an internet marketing consultant that will help you get started with this incredible work from home business opportunity. If you’re ready to start your own home based business and need help getting started visit My World Plus.

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Image by AllisonMatherly

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